Reditus offering new test for bladder cancer
Reditus Laboratories is starting to use a bladder cancer test that is more sensitive and specific than other tests for the disease. UroVysion is a fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assay developed for the detection of bladder cancer in urine specimens. UroVysion detects urinary cells that have chromosomal abnormalities consistent with bladder cancer. “It’s used […]
COVID, flu ‘twindemic’ a concern; Reditus tests for both
Influenza season could be worse than last year, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, leading to what some people are calling a “twindemic.” But Reditus Laboratories has a just-in-time tool to help with detection of both illnesses. Reditus is offering a FluV19 Convenience Test Kit, which allows Reditus to test for COVID and Influenza A […]
Reditus wants to help businesses to comply with testing mandate
A Central Illinois laboratory that performs COVID-19 testing wants to help businesses to comply with the new federal COVID vaccination or testing mandate while causing as little disruption to the businesses as possible. “Our approach to businesses is ‘We know this was sprung on you. We’re here to help,’” said Colton Moore, national key accounts […]
Reditus Histology Technicians Serving Podiatrists, Expanding Into Urology
By Paul Swiech Reditus Laboratories’ histology technicians help doctors to diagnose and treat diseases by examining tissue at the cellular level. Histology is the study of tissues under a microscope. Through histology, a pathologist can detect cell or tissue abnormalities that may signify cancer, disease status, or detect microorganisms that may be responsible for infection. […]
Reditus Technology Tracks Covid Variants, Will Help With Other Diseases
PEKIN, IL – Technology that Reditus Laboratories is using to help to track the spread of COVID-19 variants could be used in the future to assist physicians in treating other diseases. Reditus scientists began using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology in March. Using the Illumina NextSeq, Reditus scientists prepare and load sample DNA into the […]