Vitamin B12 in Human Serum and Plasma with Roche e801

Urine for Cytology Analysis

Test Name: Urine Cytology
Method Name: Cytospin preparation, Papanicolaou stain
Results: Normal, Atypical
Clinical Significance: For the detection of abnormal cells in urine that may denote infection, inflammatory disease of the urinary tract, cancer, or precancerous conditions.
Submission Criteria: A minimum of 20 ml. voided or catheterized urine, fresh or in PreservCyt or UroCyte urine preservative.  To check acceptability of other preservatives, please call the laboratory.
First morning voided specimen is not recommended.
Refrigerate urine after collection. Do not freeze. Cold packs are recommended during transport.
Urine specimens must be received by Reditus Laboratories within 24 hours from time of collection.
Rejection Criteria: Rejection criteria include but are not limited to those with:
1. Mismatched requisitions
2. Specimens without TWO patient identifiers
3. Specimens stored or shipped incorrectly
4. Specimens collected using expired reagents
5.Specimens submitted without approval
6. Inadequate specimen volume. Please submit
Authorization: Diagnostic testing can only be performed with approval from an authorized provider/agency.
Turn Around Time: 3 Days